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I remember I had a cousin sister who use to solve puzzles and riddles at instant speed. No One would dare to compete with her on the game of chess. She would always win.  She was a bright student. But then suddenly, in her 9th standard, she began to memorise the lines on the books. She thought, the more you repeat a sentence, the more you are supposed to remember. But that is not learning, is it?
Learning is something that makes you learn something without making an effort to learn. Confused? It was meant to be confusing. You made an effort to read and understand it. The process that is going on in your mind is – when you read a sentence, the brain is trying to comprehend it and hence you are able to understand.
Learning by doing is the best process, by far, to learn. When we learn by doing, we understand more clearly, this makes the traditional way of learning through reading through theories and books a very archaic and tedious method. So what shall we do to make learning more fun and enjoyable? When you enjoy learning, we are going to start applying it even more! The more you are enjoying the learning, then you are going to start learning the things that are beyond the subjects and the textbooks cannot cover.

Be curious:
There are people that I encounter that say that we have a strong subject and weak subject. That must be true, some subjects are found interesting and some are not found that interesting by that person. Learning by doing helps us to explore the topics in a childlike wonderment. Do you remember when you were a child, you used to be very curious and learn by repeating the things what your parents or siblings used to do? Some of still have it and some of us have to wake that curiosity up. That’s the wonderment we need to keep while learning about a new topic.

Study- Take a Break- Repeat : When we read, we think that we should learn by repeating the same thing over and over again. The way we used to learn should be changed now. If we are sitting and studying about a particular subject for a long stretch of hours, then you will naturally find the topic monotonous and at one point you will want to just get off that desk! That is not how you want to learn, right? Take a break in every half hour of study and come to that topic, revise what you have studied and read more. Do it every half an hour. Recharged brain will grasp more effectively than a tired brain.

Concepts are priceless, for everything else – there is Google: Young people are learning the facts, but they don’t learn the concepts first. Make it a habit to start with studying and understanding the concepts first before actually learning the facts! The concepts will stay with us for the lifetime and the facts won’t. Let’s take an example: When we are humming a song, we often gets pissed off if we don’t get the words right, but we end up humming the synonyms of the words, it is that time when we are conceptually right. And hence, this is an example to show when the facts can fail you, the concepts will be there to save you!

In summary, when you learn, never undermine the power of clarity of concepts, stay curious and take a chill pill!
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