What Is Your Learning Style?


“I hear and I forget. I read, and Remember. I see, I visualize, I understand, and I remember it forever.”

Children today are inquisitive, smart and eager to know zillion things happening in and around the world. Children today are also very lucky when compared to those several years ago to have the access and exposure to numerous inventions and discoveries like the advancement in the technology, knowledge resources, best teachers, and so on. Though they have all of it to help them with their education, there is one thing that remains very common, and that is the fact that every child is unique and so is their learning style.

There are three different types of learners. They are:

  1. Verbal Learners: Verbal learners are those who learn with the power of words in various forms like written, script or speech. It is typically associated with memorization and retention of words. They learn and express their ideas and concepts through words. The very drawback of Verbal Learning is its time consuming, and chances of forgetting what is learnt are much higher in this style of learning.
  2. Auditory Learners: You must have a couple of friends who come to you at the last minute before exams and plead you to teach the important concepts that are sure to come in the exam? Don’t you? Well, these friends not just listen to what you teach them at the nick of the time, but also manage to fare well. This type of learners is known as Auditory Learners. Auditory or otherwise known as Aural Learners learn by listening. They learn when they listen to someone explaining it to them verbally, or through group discussions, or by loud or dramatic reading or through the art of music. Reports show that auditory learners can remember up to 75% of the content, and it is one of the most difficult ways of learning.
  3. Visual Learners: Heard of the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”? This is so true! Children who prefer learning through videos, pictures, diagrams, colors, flowcharts, mind maps and so on are known as Visual Learners. Visual learning is so far the best way of learning as children get to visualize what they study, and can relate it to various simple things that they see around them every day. Visual learning includes best and passionate teachers who bring the concepts to life with the help of technology and animation that drives students to fall in love with learning.Visual learners learn the right way, and they learn it for life as they grasp the information more quickly and efficiently.Learning complex and abstract concepts visually is quite straightforward and easy. For example: Let us see how the concept of electricity can be learnt in just 5 minutes.

So,what is your learning style?

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