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Just Meme It! BYJUites will Leave you in Splits with These Hilarious Memes

Team StoryWeavers|August 11, 2021, 14:04 IST| 1
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What’s friendship without some leg-pulling, right? This Friendship Day, BYJUites took a friendly dig at their office buddies with a fun ‘Meme your Mate’ contest. With exceptionally hysterical entries, BYJUites-turned-memers truly fulfilled our daily dose of laughter and giggles. Don’t believe us? Look for yourself.

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Checkout the winning entries that cracked us up

Pradnya Khamkar just got famous! Thanks to Mahesh Patil’s hilarious meme 

Meme your mate entry

Mahesh Patil

Gaurav Juyal cracked us up with his take on Aiswarya Menon

Meme your mate entry

Gaurav Juyal

Shakti Moudgil created a meme on her buddy Deepna V

Meme your mate entry

Shakti Moudgil

Here are the other entries that burst us into laughter

Anurag Parekh impressed her with his quip on Drashty Gandhi

Meme your mate entry

Anurag Parekh

Out-and-out hilarious comeback by Drashty Gandhi on Anurag Parekh

Meme your mate entry

Drashty Gandhi

Great Friendships come in threes ft Saiteja Tirunagari with Lavanya S and Sahithi P

Meme your mate entry

Saiteja Tirunagari

Sanskriti Sharma’s ‘pakau’ meme with Shreyas Sampagaon

Meme your mate entry

Sanskriti Sharma

Aren’t our fellow BYJUites super talented? Bet you’re laughing because we still are! 

Let us know your favourite memes in the comment section below.

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