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BYJU’S Very Own FIFA Championship – Experience All The Action Right Here

Team StoryWeavers|December 29, 2022, 12:42 IST|
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Jerseys signed by our brand ambassador, the inimitable Lionel Messi, and official FIFA footballs! It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for football lovers at BYJU’S to win some amazing FIFA merchandise, and they made sure they didn’t miss it.

While the world had a case of FIFA fever,  here’s how BYJUites celebrated the world’s most popular sport.

Round 1 – The FIFA Quiz

On 7 December, we rolled out a quiz that tested BYJUites knowledge of FIFA and football. The fastest 50 to score a perfect 10/10 won FIFA merchandise and the top 12 got an opportunity to battle it out on the ground, in the presence of a quizmaster at our very own BYJU’S studio. 

Round 2 – The battleground 

After more than 2500+ BYJUites participated in Round 1, we got our top 12 winners for the final face-off. On 15 December, our favourite BYJU’S quizmaster,  Suraj Prabhu, Senior Content & Comms Specialist, hosted the finals. The 12 winners were divided into 6 teams and Suraj tested their football knowledge in 3 rounds. 

Exactly like this year’s FIFA World Cup finale, it was a neck-to-neck competition with a tiebreaker in the end, which helped us bag our winners! Apeksha Holimath (Creative Associate, Content)  and Deepanshu Varshney ( Technical staff, Engineering) were the winning team, whose football knowledge helped them win the jerseys signed by the star of this year’s World Cup, and our very own brand ambassador, Lionel Messi.

Talking about their experience, Deepanshu Varshney from the winning team said, “People might think that football is just a game where twenty-two individuals chase a ball for 90 minutes, but I can assure you it is much more; it’s about feelings and intelligence.  I enjoy playing football with my friends and I love watching it on TV. And now, since I have been quizzing for a while now, it has developed new emotions in me. For me, it’s not about winning the competition, but more about the process of getting to the right answer.

BYJU’S gave me the perfect opportunity to have fun answering questions about the sport I love. The prelims were tense and exciting. Honestly, I never expected the final to be this grand. I thought it would be just another interactive quiz, but it was something else! Competing with eleven other enthusiastic football fans, and being part of the show was a surreal experience. I enjoyed every bit of it. What made it even better was the nail-biting finale. Cherry on the cake? The top prize! It was  perfect, considering my admiration for Messi.” 

Apeksha Holimanth says, “Football has always been the most watched sport at all my workplaces and that’s how I got into the game and I knew it was love at first sight – the match where I saw Messi play a magician – with a lot of hat-tricks, that could turn anyone into a new FIFA Fan! 

FIFA Quiz Prelims at BYJU’S was something that came as a pleasant surprise. I took the quiz to give my friend – the biggest football and Messi fan on earth, some goodies related to the sport(in case I won anything at all!). Bigger surprise was when we both qualified for the finale!

As for the FIFA Quiz Championship finale, 2022 ended on a great note for me. BYJU’S turned out to be my Secret Santa that gave me the most incredible thing I could ever ask for – the jersey – it’s the closest I could ever get to Messi! 

Our quizmaster Suraj Prabhu, kept the audience hooked till the end. He put the finalists at ease, and asked the most engaging questions. He said, “Although I’ve conducted quizzes several times before, this was the first time in a studio. It was a lot of fun, and the timing was great since it was just before the World Cup final. Full credit to my teammate, Madhavi, for bringing up the eventuality of a tie-breaker and having the presence of mind to plan for one. It did ultimately come down to the wire – a photo-finish battle between Team 1 and Team 3. One couldn’t have hoped for a more exciting finish to the quiz. I hope the culture of quizzing picks up at BYJU’S, and I have the opportunity to do this again.”


If you missed watching the FIFA Championship at BYJU’S, here is the link, so you can experience the craziness for yourself.

Stay tuned for more such fun events and quizzes!

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