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December At BYJU’S | Wrapping Up 2022 With Fun And Learning!

Team StoryWeavers|January 09, 2023, 12:43 IST|
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Each month at BYJU’S is better than the last, but the last month of 2022, i.e. December, was nothing short of amazing. To end the year on an exciting note, BYJUites learned the art of appreciation, created a punny calendar, indulged in FIFA fun, and lots more.

Keep reading to know how BYJUites ended the year on a positive note!

All set for 2023 with Punny Calendar

Punny calendar for 2023

With the new year starting in just a few days, BYJUites participated in a super fun Punny Calendar Contest and contributed to creating the funniest-punniest calendar for 2023. The calendar features everyday puns shared by our BYJUites, brought to life with vibrant colours and illustrations.

Bringing appreciation to daily lives

Bringing appreciation to daily lives workshop

“Appreciation can make a day, even change a life.”

Before wrapping up the year, BYJUites participated in the ‘Bringing appreciation to daily life workshop’, where they learnt the art of appreciation, and resolved to practice it in 2023. Joanna Jewett, a wellness coach from YourDost, shared tips on identifying others’ appreciation language and methods to appreciate others.

FIFA fever was high at BYJU’S!

FIFA Quiz Championship at BYJU’S

While the world was gripped by the Football World Cup fervour, BYJUites got to experience their own share of FIFA fun. To celebrate the spirit of the sport, an in-house FIFA Championship was organised, which consisted of two rounds of football-based quizzes. A large number of football fanatics participated in the championship to bag the winning prize – exciting FIFA merchandise.

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BYJUites explored their creativity with a T-shirt design contest

Winning entries for T-shirt design contest

Earlier this month, BYJUites got an opportunity to flaunt their creativity by designing a T-shirt for our official merchandise store- All Things BYJU’S. Participants shared many beautiful designs based on our theme for the contest: Keep learning.

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InspiHer community shared their new year’s resolutions

InspiHer, a thriving community of women at BYJU’S, shared their new year’s resolutions to motivate fellow BYJUites to create and follow their resolutions. The community gave us productivity goals, with resolutions ranging from reading more and eating healthy to becoming financially aware, and making a difference in society.

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What are some of the events and activities you would like us to bring in 2023? Let us know in the comments below!

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