The Luck Factor in CBSE

You will seldom find a student who has not wondered if their exam result is based on sheer luck and chance, at least once in his or her student life. The answer to that question is both ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. Lets look behind the reasons of that cryptic answer.

Let us first see why the answer is a “NO”. The first and the most important prerequisite of scoring well in any exam is putting a lot of hard work and effort into it. No matter how lucky you may think yourself to be, if your preparation and application are not impeccable, it is well nigh impossible to score well. It won’t matter how much you have prayed to God or how lucky or unlucky you feel; the simple fact is that without hard work, scoring well is not an option.

Let us now look at why there is a certain element of luck involved in how well a student scores. There are a number of factors that are not in the hands of a student when it comes to the number he scores in his exams. Some of those factors are:

  • Who checks the paper (some teachers are more generous than others in giving marks)
  • The mood of the checker.
  • Whether or not the checker sticks to the answer key
  • The trend of the year/zone where the exam was held (Boards direct the checkers give more marks on certain years and less on certain others)
  • The exam venue and the invigilators (Some of them may be very disturbing or incompetent)

All said and done, it is ultimately the student’s hard work and effort (or the lack of it) that decides how he or she scores in the exam. Certain luck factors may or may not play minor roles, but that is easily negligible. The bulk of it depends on the student.

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