Make The Right Career Choice- Engineering or Medical?


In the present fast paced world, there are plenty of career options to choose from! Yet most of the students and their parents alike wish to get into professions like Medical and Engineering. Technically a student has to decide before class 10  itself but making a career choice is very difficult considering the pressure from parents. One has to deeply analyze considering the pros and cons of choosing a profession as one would have to live with it the entire life.

For students who want to pursue a career in Engineering, answer these questions with an yes/no:

  1. Do you love Math?
  2. Do you love solving problems?
  3. Do you like working with computers?
  4. Do you like mind challenging games/puzzles?
  5. Do you like new ways to do things?
  6. When confronted with problem, do you solve it with a practical approach?


If you have answered affirmative to most of the questions, then Engineering is the right profession for you as you can relate to being one.

Engineers apply the principles of science and math to solve problems. The study of engineering involves completing a rigorous and intensive program that includes math, science and highly technical courses related to the engineering discipline that is being studied.


The work is challenging, but is enjoyable with hard work and commitment. But you should ask yourself several questions to ensure that an engineering program is worth exploring further. Before making any final decisions, the best way to find out more about what it’s like to be an engineer and if it’s the right profession for you is to reach out and communicate with an engineer. Start with your immediate

family or your friends’ families to identify an engineer to contact. If there are no engineers in your immediate network, another source is to contact the faculty at a local university/college that has an engineering program


In taking the time to understand what engineers do and in conducting these self-assessments you can learn more about the profession and make the determination if you want to be part of solving the challenges of tomorrow and making the world a better place. Engineering is a challenging and incredibly rewarding profession and we encourage you to explore the possibilities.


For students who want to pursue a career in Medicine, answer these questions with yes/no:

  1. Do you love Biology?
  2. Do you love helping people?
  3. Do you like an opportunity to build close relationships with people?
  4. Do you like being a team player?
  5. Do you have the perseverance to serve people?
  6. Are you willing to sacrifice your personal life for the sake of profession?


If you have answered affirmative to most of the questions, then Medical is the right profession for you as you can relate to being one.

Becoming a doctor has many advantages as one gains a lot of respect, in sense of being rewarded for improving and saving lives of people. There is also availability of most job diversities for doctors as there are many specialties and subspecialties to choose from when compared to any other career.

The completion of medical course takes anywhere between 9 years-13 years  and it requires a lot of dedication to become a doctor.

Sometimes it gets a little disheartening to see that your friends/classmates from school who chose a different career have a stable job whereas you would be still studying to get a medical degree. Utmost dedication and hard work can only get you to the top. Being a part of this noble profession can be the best decision of your life!

If you are confused about which career to choose, call our experts at Byjus to help you with career counselling.

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