How to Manage Anxiety Before Tests?

There comes a stage in everyone’s life where you will appear for tests or exams. How do you feel or what kind of situation you are about to face at that moment? The answer to this question will undoubtedly come up with the words like stress, anxiety, fear and lot more. You need not worry from there onwards; some tips and solutions below would help you out in overcoming all your test-related problems or rather say exam fear.

The anxiety which you take along with during a test not only decreases your performance in the examination but also affects your mental health too. As there is a saying ‘If health is lost, everything is lost’. It is damn true. So staying calm and confident is more important while going for a test.Manage Anxiety Before TestsWays to overcome anxiety and stress during tests

People with anxiety face a lot of difficulties when nearing to tests. There is the lack of concentration and moreover, feel irritated or depressed. Few tips to overpower the anxiety are below-

Being confident:

Confidence arises when you thoroughly get prepared for the exam. Proper preparation will not only build your confidence but also will help you to get through an exam in a relaxed manner. Good preparation requires full on efforts, gathering as many as study materials, well -planned strategies and much more.

Develop good study methods:

Do a good planning before heading towards the exam. Schedule your study a week or more before your commencements of tests. Make a habit of writing down notes in class so that it would help you while revising the topics.

Taking regular breaks:

Refresh yourself by doing some activities like watching tv, playing, sleeping, exercising, etc. These things will make you feel relaxed. Physical activities are more important for a body to develop strength and confidence.

Develop healthy food habits:

Not only when nearing your exams, even on the daily basis one has to maintain good food etiquettes. People with anxiety, sometimes don’t have their food while going for a test. Hunger will make your stress more stronger.

Control your thoughts:

Some students develop negative thoughts like saying I may fail in the test or how the question paper might be? All these thinkings might lead you to gain mental stress. Instead, try to get more positive thoughts into your mind so that it keeps you calm and confident before your exam.

Hence the next time when you are attending an examination don’t feel panic, be calm and relaxed and tackle anxiety. Good Luck!

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  1. I think this will help me a lot because the problems given here are mainly my problems too.Thank you for making me more confident.

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