Why is the Mars sky red

A full-color panorama of the landing site from the Mars Pathfinder camera

On Mars, the sunset appears blue! The dust captivates and rebounds the red photons, so one sees more of the blue photons issuing from the Sun. A sunset on Mars would be an astoundingoccasion to witness with your own eyes!

Mars is also called as the Red Planet, and when it’s vivid and close to earth, it appears like a bright red star. In Roman folklore, Mars is considered as the god of war, because of its bloody color.

Even snaps from space craft confirm that it’s a rusty red color. The hue comes from the fact that the surface is *actually* rusty, as in, it’s rich in iron oxide.The red hue is there because Mars’ surface is actually rusty! (Oxidized), i.e. it’s abundant in iron oxide.

Iron when left out in the rain (as we all know) will get concealed with rust as the oxygen in the atmosphere and water have a reaction with the iron in the metal to generate a layer of iron oxide.

The sky in Mars is Reddish-Brown too.

The sky on earth is blue due to Rayleigh scattering, where blue photons of light are dispersed everywhere by the atmosphere, so they give the impression of coming from all directions. The opposite thing happens on Mars. The dust in the atmosphere disperses the red photons making the sky give the impression of being red. Something similar occurs in our sky when there’s smog or pollution in the atmosphere.

It is supposed that the iron oxide we see on Mars was formed a long time ago when the planet had more quantities of liquid water. This oxidized material was moved around the planet in dirt clouds, casing the whole planet in a coating of rust. There are dirttornados on Mars at present that can escalate up and devour the whole planet, concealing the entire surface from our sight.

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