Mind mapping as an effective study technique

The visual form of taking notes offering an overview of a broad topic with complex information, that allows the students to comprehend easily, build connections and create new ideas is mind mapping. To make it more interesting, use of colors, images and words it encourages students beginning with a central idea to expand outward that brings more in-depth sub topics.

It’s not always easy to create an environment that would engage students in the learning journey. That’s when this technique comes handy to make it very interesting for the students to learn. This mind mapping tool helps students explore and find new ideas of connection. This also helps foster critical thinking abilities of the students. Mind mapping is that learning technique that forces the learner to think using visual spatial relation flowing through the central theme to peripheral branches that can be interrelated.

Let’s take an example using mind mapping tool:
mind mapping
Steps for mind mapping:

Mind maps starts with the main idea and the rest of the map revolves around that main idea. Begin by creating an image and writing the word that represents the main idea.

Now create branches that represents each topic and ideas and concepts. It’s easy to differentiate between the ideas and concepts if you are using different colours and images.
Then create sub-branches that will stem from main branches to further on ideas and concepts. These sub-branches will contain the idea that is related from the topic and branch it stems from. This helps elaborate and develop the overall theme of the map. As possible use the images and sketches can also be helpful in brainstorming and creating the sub branch topics.

Benefits of using mind mapping as a Learning Technique:

It helps brainstorm and explore any idea problem or concept.
It helps facilitate better understanding of relationships and connections between concepts and ideas.
Makes it immensely easy to communicate new idea and thought processes
Helps students to recall information
Makes it easy to organise ideas.

So with this technique, be sure to comprehend any topic with ease. If you want to learn with interactive and engaging videos then download our app and explore a new method altogether to learn.

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