Common Mistakes Students Make While Preparing For CBSE Boards And JEE Exams?

Do you agree that your future lies in how you perform in your class 10 and 12 CBSE boards? We are sure you do, because Class 10 and 12 boards are the two crucial steps that decide your career. It requires intense preparation to crack board exams and we are sure you guys are already doing that. While you are on to it, you are bombarded with a lot of pressure to complete the portions in time, prepare for monthly tests, homework etc. that drains your energy and brings down your performance. Juggling through all this, you tend to make a few silly mistakes that add to bringing down your performance. What are those silly mistakes that you overlook? Let’s check them out.

  1. Studying hard, instead of studying smart- Preparing for CBSE boards and JEE Entrance exams is not like you have to get ready to fight a war. All you need to do here is some smart work to crack it. Rather than solving thousands of questions, it is better to identify the 10 question types that encompass these 1000 questions. You can easily identify those by going through the last 10 years papers. We are tuned to just giving answers. Focus on understanding a concept thoroughly and try to frame questions on it, this way; you will understand a concept from every angle.
  1. Referring way too many books/study materials: The first thing you will do is go buy heaps of CBSE, and IIT JEE preparation books from the stores, or get them from your friends, cousins, seniors and so on and pile them up on your study table. That doesn’t make it easier for you; it gives you more reasons to panic. Stick to one, maximum two sources of information , but be thorough in whichever ones you choose.
  1. Avoiding the subject you don’t like: You tend to dislike a subject, maybe, when it is not taught by your favorite teacher, or if it’s a subject that you just somehow cannot understand. You hate it when you cannot understand it well and the best you think to do with it is to avoid it. The best way to make the subject likable is to visualize the concepts and learn it in the right way. For example: learning about the properties of Sound can put anyone to sleep, but is there a better, more fun way to learn it? Watch this video

Simple right? Don’t you wish every topic was this simple to understand?

  1. Taking tests without analysis: Taking hundreds of tests one after the other, without stopping to understand and analyze how you did, is pretty much a waste of time. It is important to understand where you went wrong and why you went wrong before embarking on the next test. So yes, Studying regularly is important, taking tests regularly is also very important, but analyzing your performance after every test is very important.
  1. Not realizing the impact of technology: Technology can work wonders for you. It can make Learning engaging, effective and personalized. It makes learning so easy and simple that you will start liking to learn. What am I saying? You will start waiting for exams? Well, I’m not too sure about that, but I’m sure you’ll start learning not just for exams; you’ll start learning for longer. And that way, you will do really well in your exams too! Technology allows the best of the teachers to be merged with the animation, resulting in you grasping even complicated concepts, very fast. Take a look at this video . When you learn It this way, you will never forget it!

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