The Need of Novels And Dramas In The School Syllabus

The Indian education system is often pegged to be unfair and outdated in many areas. However, teaching novels and dramas is not one of those areas. In order to inculcate the habit of reading good literature among its students, boards such as CBSE and ICSE have kept them in the syllabus.Need of Novels and Dramas in School SyllabusFor some students, the plays and the novels become a little too difficult to understand. But with a little effort and proper guidance that is not insurmountable. Some students find other subjects such as Mathematics or Chemistry extremely hard to master. Ultimately, what matters is how much effort are you willing to put in the subjects that trouble you. It must be remembered that the more you sweat over it in school, the stronger you will be in the language in your later years, which could prove to be a major advantage.

However, neither of the two boards teach texts that are of ‘advanced’ level. Some of them are even abridged versions of the original texts to make them easier for the students. These are just the basics of literature which one is expected to know and understand. These are included so that they provoke interest in them to read more and expand their knowledge and imagination, both of which are extremely important in all fields of life.

One might ask that what exactly is the point of reading Shakespeare or Jane Austen in school, if that person is going to pursue, say Physics, for his higher education. It has become a bad habit in students to think of literature and science as two non-mutually exclusive entities. Renowned English Biologist, Thomas Huxley once famously said that science and literature are two sides of the same thing. That is not to say that you will not be a good scientist if you do not understand literature but you will definitely be a better one if you did.

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