Failed In NEET 2016? Here Is Why Dropping A Year May Be Useful


NEET Phase 1 and NEET Phase 2 results were declared on 17th of this month, and while there were those who had cleared the entrance exam to their dream college, there were those and in the greater number who had failed to do the same. Disappointment on the part of latter candidates is evident but more important at the moment is the question “What next?”

Much contrary to popular belief, medical or NEET aspirants have a lot of options to choose from if they do not manage to find a seat in mains streams medical. The candidates who did not manage a good rank will also be faced with the similar confusion of whether they should try next year to score well in NEET or take up BDS (dental) or other courses being offered presently.

When it comes to taking a drop, NEET candidates are at higher risk than their IIT JEE counter parts owing to lower some seats. Though things may turn out to be completely different for the candidates that appeared this year for NEET Phase 1 and NEET Phase 2, 2016 as they have undergone many difficulties just before the NEET exams. The entire confusion about NEET Phase 1 and two exams may have taken a toll on the last minute performance and confidence level of many candidates.

Especially the NEET candidates that were expecting to get into the state funded government colleges and had specially prepared in a similar manner by referring to previous years papers were deeply affected. As the NEET exams were conducted for the first time, it may be possible that the candidates that take a drop and prepare well for another year would manage a good rank in NEET 2017.

To take a drop, one must have a good plan to study well and additionally use alternative study methods that work best for them.

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