New Age Classrooms: Empowering Students Beyond The Classroom

The Evolution of New Age Classrooms

Education is a powerful tool that can change the world. It helps the younger generation to build a bright future. In recent times, technological innovation is helping education seep into society and make learning more accessible to children across the world. One of the tools for such advancement in the education sector is e-learning apps. These apps make quality lessons accessible and interesting to children. It provides animated videos, interactive educational games, and online mentors-these factors make it a  smooth-sailing journey. 

These new-age learning methods come with innumerable benefits. Some of the benefits are:

Novel Learning Techniques: The chalk and talk, the traditional method of learning, is usually associated with feelings of boredom and monotony. Educational apps inculcate the newness in learning and add an element of fun through educational games and interactive elements.

Engaging and Effective Content: Studies indicate that children learn through their senses. Sense of sight accounts for 75 percent, hearing 13 percent and the rest 12 percent accounts for other factors. Education apps, through their videos, interactive quizzes, and real-time feedback, make the content engaging and effective. 

Edutainment: The best educational apps are thriving towards making learning fun. E-learning apps are transforming lessons into educational games and, hence, changing the face of education. Their mantra is a combination of education and entertainment, resulting in edutainment.

Personalized Learning: E-learning or learning through apps offer much-needed personalized learning for students. The app keeps track of the child’s progress and their style of learning and provides customized lessons and assessments. 

Access to Quality Teachers: The best educational apps provide the best teachers irrespective of the student’s geographical location. This allows the children to learn from the best. It also encourages self-learning at their own pace. 

Apt for the New Generation: The new millennium kids adapt very well to the changing world of technology. Children learn on their own by watching videos and playing educational games in educational apps. 

Contextual Learning: These apps use real-life examples to explain concepts. Children can relate better, thus bridging the gap between theory and practice. Complex concepts broken into simple topics foster better understanding in children.

With innovative technology and impactful teaching, e-learning is creating a new segment of lifelong learners and a path for active learning. Embracing the change and walking towards a better way of learning is certainly the way forward. 

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