No Revaluation For Class 12 CBSE From 2017

CBSE Class 12

CBSE decides to do away with the paper revaluation procedure going from the coming year for class 12. The revaluation system for class 12 CBSE students was in place from 2014, but now the authorities have decided to discontinue it starting from the year 2017.

Main reason for scraping the revaluation procedure for class 12 CBSE is

  • As per reports, the actual number of students who applied for re-evaluation was around 1.8%, and the number of genuine cases and beneficiaries was lesser.

This announcement has put students to worry. But, the officials have said that there will new system and procedure in place to look over genuine cases.

“Students can put in an application at the regional office, and a committee can be formed to look into the need for re-evaluation.”said RK Chaturvedi,chairperson of CBSE.

With no revaluation in place and no weightage given to the 12th class examination in competitive exams like JEE but playsa major role in qualifying you to JEE exams, it is highly important to focus on class 12th board examinations as much as you do for JEE and other competitive exams.

It is also crucial to improvise on how you write your answers,so it’s easy for the evaluator to evaluate it correctly at the first go. Simple things to keep in mind while you answer:

  • Have a legible handwriting
  • Use same color ink throughout the paper
  • Break your answers into pointers
  • Highlight the sub-points and important points in the answers for clear visibility
  • Present your answers neatly
  • Make sure your answer paper is tidy
  • Avoid multiple scratching and cutting off answers when you make mistakes

Presenting your answer papers neatly with answers written to the point can not only fetch you good marks but can also make the evaluation much easier. And, also avoids a lot of confusion or missing of points while the evaluator is going through the answer sheet.

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