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DIY – It’s Time For A Sound Walk!

Are you looking for an exciting chance to engage with your child and help them learn the wonderful sounds that...

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Track the Phases of the Moon with this DIY apparatus

Dear Young Explorers! Did you catch a glimpse of the New Moon on April 12, 2021? For years, observing the...

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DIY Corner: Rice And Coloured Ice

In our earlier post, we discussed sensory play and how to set up sensory bins for young children. Today, we...

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DIY Corner : Make your own Water Wheel

Hello science enthusiasts! Are you enjoying our DIY activities? We can tell from your excited comments that you have been...

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DIY Marble Maze: A Box of Learning and Fun

In this age of video games and apps, there are certain old games that are still very engaging, relaxing, and...

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Creating Nature’s Scary Wonder at Home – Underwater Volcano DIY

If you’re thinking that this is another article where we talk about lava and volcanos, you are absolutely right! And...

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Fermentation DIY – Blow a balloon with yeast!

Learn all about Yeast and Fermentation. Watch them in action with this fun and simple DIY. Let’s make some gas and blow a balloon!

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Turn your home into a science laboratory with this DIY

Have you ever been told that you look like your mother or your father? Or perhaps they say that you...

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Perfect DIY to Soothe the Senses – Magic Calming Spray [Printable Inside]

All of us go through a phase when we are overwhelmed by our thoughts and feelings. When that happens, we...

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