Parent’s Guide To Boost The Child’s Performance

Be it staying up late in the night to help them study before exams or enrolling them in the best coaching and tuition classes to aid their performance in school. As parents, we do everything within our capability to help bring out the best in our children. After putting in so much effort, it’s natural to expect impressive results. Right? Wrong!

What most of us fail to realize here is the kind of pressure that the kids nowadays are undergoing.  In these days and age of extreme competition, every child is expected to outshine the other in every aspect including academics, sports, extra-curricular, etc. In the mad race of competing with others, most of the young minds fail to comprehend what truly holds their passion. Even the ones who are aware of their interests are too scared to pursue a career in the same. They are not as scared of failure as they are of being a disappointment to their parents.

This is when it becomes necessary to drop all expectations and to be encouraging. Be a guiding light that your child may trust and hold on to even in the toughest times. It’s important to observe and understand his/her inclination and accordingly help them in areas they need improvement.

  • Do not force your children to study, make studying enjoyable for them.
  • Don’t ask them to get the highest marks in every subject but ensure that they understand the concepts and practical applications of subjects being taught.
  • Do not compare them to others who are more successful but constantly talk to them about what subjects or professions they like. What are their aspirations etc.
  • Discuss the problems they are facing and do not ignore their issues no matter how small they may be.
  • Marks obtained in school cannot determine any child’s intelligence and capability.

Forcing children to do something they have no inclination in will not result in anything productive. More importantly understand that every child is talented, and it’s your responsibility as a parent to unleash their real talent.

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