Periodic Table

There is a Chemistry test coming up and your teacher wants you to memorize the entire periodic table of the elements. Students are often encouraged to memorize the first 20 or 30 elements of the periodic table.

However, we know how difficult it is memorize the entire table because of all the different types of weird notations and names involved. But, with a bit of time and dedication, and with simple tricks you can make memorize the periodic table just like alphabets.

Luckily, Byju’s is here with a comprehensive guide on learning the periodic table by the below simple tips.

Take A Print Out

Print a hard copy as many as you can of the periodic table and learn it by highlighting certain parts. In this way, you can carry the copy and continue memorizing wherever you go.

Segregate The Chart Into Sections

The periodic table is classified on the basis of type of elements. To make it memorize simpler, you can further disintegrate the chart into segments like rows, columns or atomic weights.

Choose the pattern according to your preference and utilize your time while travelling to school or waiting for something by learning the table. You must revise the chart time to time to memorize the already learned sections.

Creating Phrase or Relate With Facts

You can use a simple trick to associate each element with a fact related to the metals. For example, Argentina got its name from Argentum, which is the scientific name for silver metal – Argentum – Ag.

Similarly, you can phrase some witty lines to remember the metals like “See you, Copper head” that helps you to remember the symbol for Copper is ‘Cu’.

Correlate Each Element With A Picture

We often remember pictures that are associated with certain things; similarly, you can relate a sensible picture with each element for memorizing it. For instance, you can assign a picture of plant as oxygen and a door as hydrogen, so when you move around in house you can recall the elements just by looking assigned objects.

Flash Cards

Another unique way for you can memorize the periodic table by preparing flash cards for each element. Using this, you will get more information of each metal can be related to its symbol, atomic number, atomic weight and more.

These tricks can be very useful if you concentrate with a bit of time and dedication on the periodic table. Meanwhile, you can also check Byju’s video tutorials explaining the periodic table by experts.

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