Positive Impact Of E-learning

E learning is the talk of the world now with technology that provides customized, portable and ready to deliver methods of learning. With the Internet’s rise to dominance as the most preferred medium of information exchange, mean e-learning is increasingly gaining its momentum as an innovative and viable pedagogical tool compared with the traditional, face-to-face classroom learning that centers on instructors dictating content and pedagogy, e-learning is a more learner-friendly alternative, also allowing the role of a teacher to be quite different in an e-learning environment.

Emphasis on more learner-centric activities than traditional lecture-based classroom learning, the teacher is more of a facilitator in an online classroom. The teacher combines visual method to communicate and engage the students while teaching making it the most effective tool to deliver the knowledge. Unlike brick and mortar classes where some of the students may feel missed out to understand the topic, e learning caters to each and every students and gives specialized attention to all the students.

E learning also addresses the dearth of learning material such as textbooks.The materials could be made available to the students in the form of tablets or mobile app. Nowadays some of the institute also recognise the problem of internet connectivity in the country and have the facility to provide video lessons to the students through a Micro SD card that can run in a tablet or smartphone.

Gaming method of learning is effective and long lasting:  Interactive features such as quizzes or games could improve the level of learning and understanding. According to many researches conducted, it has been proved that Learning while Doing is the best method to make the students understand any topic.

Survey results from Michican State University states that:

The e learning platform’s effectiveness is closely related to how the technology is used as an educational tool.
Students learn best with e-learning when interactively engaged in the content. Using technology can motivate students, particularly underachieving students, to learn.
Teachers report that tutorials in subjects such as math and science significantly improve student performance.
Providing technology on its own has little impact on achievement. Substantial effort must be put into infrastructure, teacher training, curriculum development, assessment reform, and formative evaluation.

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