Why BYJU’S is Parents and Students Favorite Learning App?

” BYJU’S is adding a whole new edge to education. Keep it going and keep educating India. Amazing app & great job guys! ” – Shafquat Nawaz

We have over 8 million children learning from us today and are happy to have made a difference in the way they are learning. As we move ahead, we are committed to many more millions fall in love.. with learning.

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40 Comments on Why BYJU’S is Parents and Students Favorite Learning App?

  1. I just love byju’s it just helps me a lot in studying maths and science. Earlier when I was not using byju’s I was really scared about the exams .But finally I am happy that I can understand each and every concept clearly.thanku byju’s

  2. I love byjus a lot.. Im a 10th class student.. Teachers are great.. I also started fall in love with learning.. It helps me to clear doubts in maths and science.. Now im able to understand each and every concept.. Now im not scared of exams.. Now i love exams..
    Thanks byjus mentors.. THANK YOU.

  3. I love byju because it helps me a lot when my maths and science teachers would teach me the subject I could not understand the topic I was becoming mad day by day but when I saw byju’s app advertisement in tv I installed it and now I am becoming one of the clever student of the class alot of thanks to byju’s

  4. I really love Byjus it helps me a lot in my studies maths is my weakest sub and earlier I used to get E’s and D’s and now I am so good in it its more or like a miracle but…..in my senior section I am new to marks and books I love Byjus it has made me familiar with it ! Thanks Byjus

  5. BYJU’s is a wonderful app it helps me to understand concepts easily and quickly. Teachers clear our doubts in easy methods in maths and science there are so many doubts for me but after seeing this all the doubts have been cleared. Thanks to BYJU’s

  6. This is a wonderful app.I really loved this app .In the beginning I was afraid of maths and now I am first in the class so especially I thank Mr.Byju Raveendran for creating such a wonderful app

  7. I just love it . It is very interesting. I have bought the tab . I am getting a strong feeling that I will become a great IITian one day.Thank u byjus

  8. BYJU’S learning app is truly marvelous. I think its teaching style is better than teaching in most schools. The tests and the videos are well developed and amazing.

  9. I really love byjus .I guess it’s the best app for education. I really fall in love with learning . The latest versions journey is the best thing . The teachers are the best in India. I just wish that byjus will do it’s best and make each and every child a family member of byjus……by the way my favorite is Aanand sir. Keep on thnxx

  10. I love byju’s app. Its is really awesome! U can score high. Understanding concepts, with examples!Its so amazing . Studies became by best friend after joining byju’s!!.

  11. Its very good actually it helped me a lot with extra knowledge about a topics which is not in my text book Thanks BYJU’S.
    I have a single and sincere request that plz provide social and languages to us plz

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