How To Score Above 90% In Your Board’s Examination

Board exams hold a lot of significance in a student’s life, not only because of the career path they open up but also due to the challenge they present, the obstacle they stand as which needs to be overcome. The students of class 10th and Class 12th need to work hard as well as smart. This post explores the tips and tricks one can employ when pursuing a high score in the boards.

  • Regular study is necessary – Studying regularly has been seen to be directly connected to good marks (no shit Sherlock!). As regular and boring this statement seems, students tend to disregard regular studies.
  • Solve sample question paper and previous year papers to get a clear understanding of the pattern and style of the exam.
  • If you are a CBSE scholar pay a lot of attention to the NCERT textbooks that have been with you since day one. Revise them comprehensively.
  • Create a time table or a schedule and follow it meticulously. Managing the time you have plays an important role in scoring good. Challenge yourself by creating milestones or deadlines. Make sure your breaks do not go on forever.
  • The candidates sitting for the exam also need to have speed in the writing department. It’s necessary that you have a uniform speed when attempting the paper and don’t slowdown in latter sections. A good speed also minimizes your chances of not finishing the paper.
  • And last but not the least, keep your body and mind in perfect shape for the examination. Relax in defined sets of time and be totally stress-free. Eating junk food will make you lazy and prefer the home cooked meals. When your body will be fit your brain too will be refreshed and up for any challenge.

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