How to score good marks in CBSE Science SA1?

Every success has a foundation behind it that is well built. In the same way, making your study foundation stronger will surely fetch you good number. As we all know that science is a subject which is full of reasoning, formulas, equations and most of the CBSE syllabus students find it more difficult in getting through these topics coming under CBSE science. Every student under the CBSE board goes through the SA1 or the ‘Summative Assessment test’, which is held every year at the end of academics.

The tough topics coming under CBSE science includes various chapters such as Atoms and molecules, Force and law of motion, Sound, Tissues and etc. Generally students feel more difficulty in getting through these topics.CBSE Science SA1Tips to score well in CBSE Science

The below strategies will give you an idea of how to get through CBSE science topics and score good marks.

  • Time Management: The first things requires you to schedule your study timings in a proper way.
  • Adding Short Notes: Make a note of all the concepts, the definitions, SA( short answer questions) and derivations.
  • Make use of points to marks a specific topic. It helps and makes your revision easier.
  • The laws and formulas has to be made in a separate list
  • Make a flow chart of every topic so that it gives a clear picture of the topic which you are going through.
  • Solve as many as previous years question papers. This gives the idea of dealing the questions in the examination.
  • Make sure you know every term and meaning in the topic
  • Science mainly deals with diagrams, hence practicing the diagrams which are labelled shows you the clear picture of exactly what the topic is about.
  • Go through the NCERT or the CBSE books which will be provided in the CBSE guide.

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