How to Score Maximum in Your CBSE Class 12 Physics Exam?

CBSE board exams of class 12th play a very important role in deciding the future of your career. Most of the universities or colleges have stringent cut-off lists based on CBSE Class 12th board results for admissions.

So, before starting the preparation for CBSE examination, it is crucial to know the syllabus of the subject. Here you can find the CBSE syllabus for physics.

Once you have the syllabus, you need to select the books for reference. One should always refer to NCERT textbooks as they give an idea of what topics are to be covered in a particular chapter. Apart from NCERT, the candidate can keep one reference book. Referring to many books has not worked for most students, it rather creates misconceptions.

Physics is one of the most notorious and mandatory subjects of CBSE board examination. It holds great importance to crack competitive exams and need a thorough understanding of the concepts. Scoring well in Physics can not only boost your aggregate percentage but also improve your analytical and logical skills.

Byju’s has brought some useful tips to crack Physics subject in CBSE board exams. Here are some of the major points every student need to consider while preparing.

Selection of Textbooks For Preparation

The CBSE sets board question paper keeping the NCERT content as primary criteria. So, it is advised that before referring any study materials, first go through every questions of NCERT. You need not refer other books if you are thorough with NCERT content.

Know the CBSE Physics Syllabus

First, find out which are the units in physics that cover maximum number of marks and start preparing accordingly. If you know the how marks are are distributed into units, then you can easily analyse, and can manage time to study more on the weightage topic or unit.


Keep practicing every derivation until you are perfect, especially under magnetism, electrostatics and optics since these units cover maximum important concepts and acquire maximum chances of being asked.

Solve as many CBSE class 12 physics sample papers.  The more you practice; you get a better idea how the possible question paper could be.

Time Management

While you are solving practice papers, make sure you can answer within the allotted time limit. Set a target and try to answer as many questions within the allotted time and keep improving the pace of answering the questions. The more questions you can attempt, more are the chances of scoring from every section.

Take Care Of Your Health

Apart from your study and hard work, devote some time for meditation and keep yourself relaxed.

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