How Is SEBA Board Different From CBSE For Class 11 & 12?

First things first, SEBA is Assam’s educational board only till class 10. Standards 11th and 12th are managed by the Assam Higher Secondary Educational Council (AHSEC).


Now to answer the question, the most basic difference between CBSE and SEBA/AHSEC is that one is a national board and the other is a state board. Because of that reason, CBSE is a lot more popular and is known throughout the length and breadth of the country. SEBA, on the other hand, is Assam’s state board and chances are people outside Assam may not have heard of it. Ultimately it won’t matter as far as pursuing higher education is concerned because both are registered educational boards and all higher educational institutions accept their degrees.SEBA board versus CBSE BoardSyllabus

In the area of syllabus, the two boards are almost similar with just a miniscule variation here and there. It can be mentioned here that SEBA/AHSEC has borrowed heavily from the CBSE syllabus in the recent years in order to make its student ready for national competitive exams. Certain educational experts and former students are of the opinion that balance in the curriculum is more in the SEBA board as compared to CBSE board, which many feel gets insanely tough in the Plus Two level.

Extracurricular Activities

Another difference is that emphasis on extracurricular activities is more in CBSE than SEBA. The scope for  study trips, practicals, seminars, etc is higher in CBSE affiliated schools.

In the end, it can be said that the two boards are not all that different. Keeping the minor variations in certain areas aside, both are equally matched. Both produce brilliant students and good marks as well as not so good ones. To some extent, the school and its faculty matter but ultimately, it’s on the individual  to make the most of any board that he/she studies in.

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  1. As i think that SEBA is a state board and CBSCE is a national board.CBSCE is more popular than SEBA in the whole nation.

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