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Science as we all know is around us literally everywhere and not limited to some observatory or study class. If you look around we can find a lot of exciting experiments that requires nothing more than just a few equipment and some household stuffs with a mind of inquisitiveness. This would not only bolster the habit of learning forever but also helps you to apply the skills in life. It would turn you into a curious student of science from a couch potato. Here are some of the science experiments mentioned below in the field of Chemistry, Biology and Physics with the proper list of the necessary equipments with the instructions and the explanation on the outcome of the experiment.

  1.    How to make Slime (Plastic Chemistry)


Slime-MakingNecessary Equipments

  •         Cups (Make- Plastic, Number-2)
  •         Spoons (Make- Plastic, Number-2)
  •         Coloring Agent for Food- select your desirable color
  •         Borax Powder
  •         Fevicol
  •         Water


  1.    Blend a tablespoon of borax powder in a cup of 75 ml water. Mix till it melts(It might take some time)
  2.    Blend a tablespoon of Fevicol in water of two tablespoons. This time mix the food coloring agent and blend until it mixes well.
  3.    Mix the two solutions of Borax and Fevicol and watch them forming slime.
  4.    Let the slime to set and use after 30 seconds.

Behind The Phenomenon

The reason behind slime is simply the fact that Borax creates links in the long strides of fevicol. The advantage being not allowing strands to overlap each other and thus making it a classic example of a Non-Newtonian liquid.

Way Forward

Have fun by mixing the solutions above in different proportions to create slime of different proportions like extended, spongy, lively and wet ones by altering the borax content proportion in the solution .

Volcano of Soda

Volcano of Soda


The typical home experiment. For this you would need

  1.      A diet coke bottle
  2.      Mentoes pack
  3.      Quick hand movements
  4.      Open Area(Strictly not for indoors)


This is known to everyone as. Put some mentoes into the bottle of coke and step yourself way aside. The nucleation sites viz. the rough surface of mentoes provides impetus for the chemical reaction

Way forward

Try different flavours of mentoes, cola brands, sweets with the coating of sugar.

Like the experiments above, here are some simple tricks from Physics:

Rice that sticks:

Get a bottle of jam that is clean and dry. Add rice to the bottle until it is full. Insert a pencil into the bottle right to its bottom  while holding the bottle in your hand. Try to take the pencil out of the bottle half and a quarter. insert the pencil again and remember to fill the bottle while the rice overflows.

In the due course, the rice would solidify around your pencil and you would be able to take the bottle in your hands. Understand that this happens only due to the friction between the pencil and rice and also the friction would be so large that it would be difficult to pull the pencil out.


Rice- Stick- Experiment

When this happens, the friction between the pencil and rice is so large that you cannot easily pull the pencil out.

Divert water flow with static electricity

Balloon Water ExperimentFill a balloon with air and and rub it continuously on your head until a static charge develops on it. Keep repeating this pattern until there is a fair amount of charge. Once done open a tap of water that has a proper flow of water and not just a few drops. Take the balloon close to water flow and see what happens.


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