How Students Can Plan Their Way To Good Grades

Not everyone is the same and so it’s evident not everyone study in the same way but what’s vital is studying in the way that works best for you.

It is difficult to adapt to a new environment and score good grades and keep up with assignments and projects while there is already a level a expectation from you.

To achieve these expectations what you need is a solid foundation to start.

First Thing’s First – You Must  Adopt A Strong Mental Attitude

Normally our reaction low grades are very negative, We tend to accept failure and sulk over it. What we must remember is failures are stepping stones to success and nothing can be reached without facing a few bumps along the way. Build positive energy and spirit and the desire to achieve goals.

Figure Out The Weakness

Before taking any action we must access our weakness so that you can figure out where we can improve, like in which subjects has your grades been low. If there is one particular subject you’re struggling to score better grades in. Go through your grades of that particular subject for the last few months and check if there is general decline or if the scores are just not up to your expectations.

If you can, Ask for your answer sheets and check for mistakes or where things went wrong analyse the your answers and work on where you can add more value.

Exchange With Your Teachers

Your teachers will know weakness and strengths since they are the ones evaluating your answers and keeping an eye on your awareness while in class. I am sure they will have great advice for you if you could just ask for some, communicating your areas of strength and weakness will help them give you proper resources or ideas to deal with them.

Start Organising Your LifeStart Organising Your Life

Discipline and structure are things upon which you develop and it’s necessary that we organise the way we live in order to focus and operate effectively. Time management and prioritising is vital, allocate extra time for subjects or chapters you’re weak in and also don’t hold off on taking regular intervals to relax.

Participate In Class

It’s not really an easy task for any regular high schooler, most students don’t tend to pay attention or participate in class just because of the factor of peer pressure or image or identity issues. But it should be observed that the one’s who score better grades are the one’s who participate more in class and ask questions.

Take Notes

Most students don’t tend to take down notes during lectures in class which is key factor in understanding and practising what learn. Everybody has their own logical way of taking down notes which makes sense only to them. It’s a good thing. It actually shows that you know what you’re doing and noting down.

No Distractions

One of the vital reasons behind underperformance are seen in students are because of unnecessary distractions like television, internet, mobile phones and any sort of entertainment that is purely not a necessity. You can’t study or concentrate when your keep getting ping on your phones every 2 minutes or when your sitcoms is running on tv while you’re studying or your favourite celebrity posts a new picture of their trendy social life on Instagram. Get rid of them, period.

Revision And Tests

Best way to be sure of what you have learnt is through revision and tests. Every Time you finish studying a chapter take a break and then revise, if you don’t get it right or you’re not sure about something go through the chapter again. Once you’re sure you had enough revision take a practice test. And be honest while attempting the tests. Give your paper to any family member or a classmate to evaluate. Improve on things that went wrong if there are any.

Healthy Lifestyle

And of course you’re health which is a vital part of this process of achieving better grades. Most high schoolers don’t really give attention to the way they eat or the amount of sleep or exercise they are receiving. Try exercising for an hour or two everyday, it can recreational like football or basketball as long as you’re physically working. Go to sleep early or let’s put it this way get at least 9 hours of sleep in a day.

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