Studying Science With Real Life Examples Can Be Beneficial

Everything we do in our usual life involves science aspects underneath. From a simple calculator to a big washing machine, almost everything is made up of science and its innovations have only made it simpler to spend our life more comfortably. Without science, it is inevitable that society will go back to stone ages and no longer live sophisticated life. Just imagine without fuel, plastics and electricity. Lets look at some of the most basic applications of science in daily life.


Ever wondered how our life would be without phones and internet that we use today. All these are gifts of science, and there is no way we can live without these. These inventions have made access of information possible from one corner to another.

Source Of Energy

The atomic energy is responsible to create all the advanced forms of energy that we utilize in our daily life. Electricity has provided us the power to turn nights into days and work for longer hours. Television that entertain us is also blessing of science.

All The Machine That We Use

Starting from a gas lighter to a home appliance, science is a member of our existence. Starting from the time we wake up by an alarm clock to the time when we go to bed, everything we perform in the workplace and at home involves science.


You cannot skip the fact that advancement of science is the only reason behind cure for millions of disease. Various critical procedures such as Heart transplants are possible only due to advancements in technology and equipments.

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