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The sixth-grader from BYJU’S who built a COVID detector to help people!

“I want to do something better for society. For that, I am preparing to become a doctor -cum-entrepreneur and set...

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Pedal your way through the History of Bicycles

It’s 2021! A brand new year brings a brand new story. This month, let’s flash the spotlight on a vehicle...

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Punctuality – The key ingredient to a successful life

This story goes back to the time when India was fighting for independence. Eminent leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru, Bal Gangadhar...

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The Origin Story – How were Barbie and Hot Wheels made?

Every once in a while, a few ideas come by and completely change our world. Be it entrepreneurs or inventors,...

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Weird But True: 10 Facts About Plants That Will Blow Your Mind

Do you want to be a quizzing wizard who can unleash unbelievable facts at the drop of a hat? We...

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