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Why Do We Apply Paint on Iron Articles?

Have you ever come across a very old car? What about old iron nails or keys? Maybe you have seen...

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Why do Worker Ants Carry the Grubs About? And Other Fun Facts About Ants!

All of us tend to look up to big people for lessons on how to get better. We are keen...

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When Looking At Stars, You’re Actually Looking Into The Past

The idea of time travel has fascinated us for generations, and we see it in movies, television shows, and popular...

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No, Dinosaurs Are Not Extinct And Other Facts That You Took For Granted

Are you the kind that relishes the opportunity to impress your friends by dropping tidbits of random knowledge? While we...

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The sixth-grader from BYJU’S who built a COVID detector to help people!

“I want to do something better for society. For that, I am preparing to become a doctor -cum-entrepreneur and set...

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Pedal your way through the History of Bicycles

It’s 2021! A brand new year brings a brand new story. This month, let’s flash the spotlight on a vehicle...

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Punctuality – The key ingredient to a successful life

This story goes back to the time when India was fighting for independence. Eminent leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru, Bal Gangadhar...

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The Origin Story – How were Barbie and Hot Wheels made?

Every once in a while, a few ideas come by and completely change our world. Be it entrepreneurs or inventors,...

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Weird But True: 10 Facts About Plants That Will Blow Your Mind

Do you want to be a quizzing wizard who can unleash unbelievable facts at the drop of a hat? We...

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