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Step into the future with a career in Robotics

Meet Sophia, she’s a citizen of Saudi Arabia, the first of her kind(humanoids) who have been granted a citizenship.Sophia-bot, the...

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Undersea Cables – The Internet’s Backbone

The internet is awesome, isn’t it? It has created a sense of dependency as we can get  all the information...

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How BYJU’S became the one-stop solution for Pranava and helped her score 610 out of 720 in NEET!

Do you have a strategy ‘planned out’ to crack NEET? There are two fundamental questions which pop up while preparing...

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All you need to know about pursuing a career in the field of ASTRONOMY!

Do you love star gazing? Dream of making the next big discovery about some far away celestial bodies? If so,...

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Lunar Eclipse : The Moon of a different color

Eclipses have always fascinated human beings. One of my favorite mythological take on the eclipse is the Hindu god Rahu...

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BYJU’S make scoring 90+ marks in Math super easy, says Shreya Amritkar

“How to prepare for the final exams? Will I be able to complete the paper on time? What are the...

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Van Mahotsav – The Festival to celebrate the forests in India

Festival of Forests? Sounds strange right? We are all aware about the increasing problem of deforestation in India  – across...

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Science Behind Fidget Spinners

  Fidget spinners the coolest ball bearing passe is seen as the new fad among today’s teenagers These are the...

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An Illusion or A Belief ? A Simulation Reality Theory

Most of you have surely watched or heard of the movie called The Matrix. If not, spoiler alert – the...

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