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Can a 96.8 percentile scorer be an all-rounder as well?

Gauri Gadhave from Yavatmal, Maharashtra, scored 96.8% in her CBSE 10th Boards. She believes she could achieve this largely because...

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The Science Behind Hiccups

Your teacher hands out the test and reminds everyone that there is to be no talking and no noise. The...

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Turn your home into a science laboratory with this DIY

Have you ever been told that you look like your mother or your father? Or perhaps they say that you...

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Can There Be A Mowgli In Real Life? The answer is, Yes!

We all have read Rudyard Kipling’s famous 1894 work The Jungle Book or seen its movie adaptation.  Don’t we all...

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Nature, Camera, Action! How Wildlife Films Are Made

You see them on National Geographic and Discovery channel. Even when nobody’s watching, you can always leave them playing on...

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Ligers, Grolars and the mixed-up world of hybrid animals

We’ve all heard of the phenomenal hybrid creatures in mythology that surpass everyone’s imagination, but did you know that hybrid...

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Why Is The Moon Rusting? Even Scientists Are Stumped

Here’s a bit of news guaranteed to surprise you: the Moon is rusting! Seriously. New research from ISRO’s Chandrayaan-1 lunar...

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Meet Aditi Nannore, who scored 100% in 10th Board Exam 2020

BYJU’S student Aditi Nannore made us all proud by bagging an astonishing 100% in her 10th board exam this year....

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A DIY to help children make sense of our world!

Many skillsets of the past may have become outdated with modern digital life, but some will always be relevant. Like...

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