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What Are Fireworks Made Of?

For what its worth, there’s one thing truly undeniable about fireworks – they look gorgeous in the sky. The reason...

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Super Fun Chemistry Egg-speriments

Welcome back, young scientists! How about a riddle? Can you crack this one? A box without hinges, key or lid,...

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The Story of Crude Oil

Did you know that your shoes, mobile phones, vaseline, chewing gum and even some medicinal pills all contain one common...

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Glow-In-The-Dark Chemistry Explained!

Twinkling string-lights during functions, complex crystal chandeliers, the soft glow from a night lamp – when we study about the...

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How Fine China Stopped China from Being So Fine!

The Chinese civilization is one of the oldest in mankind’s history. Having been around since prehistoric times (as old as...

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A martial artist with a flair for chemistry – Aaliya Khan

Meet Aaliya Khan! Aaliya is an energetic and vibrant sixth-grader from Bareily who is known for her quick wit and...

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