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Parents are a child’s first teachers. Here’s how you can impact their learning

Children’s minds, especially when they are younger, function like sponges. From birth to around the age of five, the relationships...

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#PapaToPartner Contest Winners Are Here!

On this Father’s Day, we asked you to send us your pictures and videos of the moments when your papa...

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A Parent’s Guide To Happier Mealtimes

Mealtime can be a tricky, stressful affair for the parents of young children. The battle against food is real! Most...

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2021 Goal Setting Made Easy

2020 has been a challenging year, to say the least. With 2021 on the horizon, almost all of us are...

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Hacks To Help Children Transition To Another Activity or Place

A lot of time is spent every day getting children to move from one activity or place to another. Many...

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How To Apologise: A 4-Step Guide for Children

Apologising is one of the oldest rituals in the world. It improves the world a little as it increases empathy...

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How To Deal With A Child Saying “I Don’t Know”

“I don’t know.” When every question you ask your child is met with a nonchalant answer such as “I don’t...

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Children’s Education Is Going Blended. What Does That Mean?

“I am finding it increasingly difficult to understand if Raghav is studying online or browsing the web for fun,” Reema...

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Here’s A Quick Way To Solve The Bored Child Problem

“I am bored.” Very few things irk parents more than this dreaded sentence from their children. Parents try everything to...

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