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This month in Science History – Scientists born in February!

Science is constantly evolving, helping us understand the world better. Throughout history, some of the greatest inventors and scientists were...

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The Importance of Preserving Native Languages

Have you ever tried talking to a toddler? If yes, you may have noticed that they respond to you in...

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Empowering Women and Girls in Science!

Throughout history, there have been many incredible and inspiring women who have made significant innovation and contribution in science, technology,...

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World Wetlands Day- Appreciating our Eco Warriors!

Did you know – about 95% of the world’s fresh water comes from underground sources and as many as 100,000...

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Start your next creative adventure with BYJU’S – ‘One Hobby A Month’!

A New Year! A New Adventure! Hobbies are a great way to learn something new, hike your knowledge graph and...

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This month in Science History – January born Scientist!

Science is constantly evolving, helping us understand our world better. Throughout history, some of the most famous inventors and scientists...

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KID Inventors’ Day – The young brainstormers who are ruling today!

| Braille | Television | Bicycle | Earmuffs | Popsicles | Trampoline | You know what they all have in...

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National Youth Day! – The makers of a better Nation

“Arise! Awake! And stop not until the goal is reached” – A great saying  by Swami Vivekananda that continues to...

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National Mathematics Day – Know about the Man who knew INFINITY!

This goes back to the year 1919, when two world renowned mathematicians met to debate a rather odd topic. Believe...

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