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Could life thrive in a hydrogen-rich world?

“Can there be a life beyond this planet?” This is a question that’s been often debated upon. Since the beginning...

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Travel back to time: Visit the Historic Empires

Welcome back to our virtual tour month. We hope you had a breathtaking moment learning about the beautiful museums around...

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Let’s explore native foods around the world

Maps- they are like our guiding stars. They provide information about specific locations, guide us to our destination, and in...

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Weird, but True: 7 unusual salutations from around the world

A handshake, a namaste, a brofist, ‘a time nahi hain boss shake,’ a hi5, a hug, a thumb-twist shake, etc....

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5 unexplored areas of the world!

The world still remembers the glorious moment when astronaut Neil Armstrong became the first man to set foot on the...

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The Bizarre Venus Flytrap!

Imagine walls closing in on you suddenly out of nowhere! The more you move, the faster the walls close. Sounds...

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Music and its Many Genres

The human brain loves classifying information. It’s our way of understanding and simplifying the complex world we live in. Putting...

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What is the history of Remote Control?

Max and Minnie had a long day at school. All they wanted to do was eat some tasty snacks, watch...

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Know the science behind animal ears

Some are big. Some are small. Some are upright. Some are floppy. Some are invisible. Wondering what we are talking...

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