Tell me why is the Sky Blue

To see the miracle of science, one doesn’t have to look around for questions. Look up and see the blue sky. Its that simple. One can see the miracles of nature and still get the answers to the queries through science. Look at the sky, If you have wondered why you see “Nothing but the blue sky..” then join the club of curiosity that John Tyndall started in the year 1859. The color of the sky depends on many factors to puzzle us more, like the size of the airborne particles, the atmospheric molecules, the way color is perceived by our eyes, the colors in sunlight etc.

Let’s take the stand of physics and answer the question. The sky is a veil that is thrown around the Earth. What is that veil? The atmosphere. The color refers to the wavelengths of visible light that is leaving from an object  and striking a sensor, the human eye in this case. These wavelengths might be reflected or scattered from an external source or they might emanate from the object itself. It is noteworthy that not all wavelengths will scatter equal visible spectrum. The more energetic wavelengths, the color towards the violet end on VIBGYOR scatter better than those towards the less energetic. red ones.

The atmosphere tends to scatter the shorter wavelength (blue) light more than longer wavelength (red) light. Blue is scattered in every way, and that is the reason why wherever you look at the sky, you see blue.

So why sunsets are reddish? When the sun sets, the light that reaches us passes through many atmosphere than they had to when the sun was overhead, and thus the only colour light that is not scattered is the long wavelength of light, the red colour.

For Blue Sky: The Wavelength is the Limit:

Did you know that the colour of sky can change based on pollution, dust and water vapour? This is because they absorb and scatter the sunlight differently. The same wavelength fundamental goes with this as well. The wavelengths are not processed well on thick surfaces.

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