Tell me why do Stars Twinkle

“ Twinkle Twinkle Little stars,

How I wonder what you are

 Up above the world so high,

 like a diamond in the sky”

Remember these lines, all of you must have sung it in your childish voice with all your little friends in your nursery grades. Do you remember the time when you try to count all the stars by lying on the roof and watching those twinkling and sparkling stars all over the sky? but have you ever asked yourself that why do stars Twinkle? Let’s understand here.

In actual, stars do not twinkle in outer space as there is no atmosphere. There are different layers of the atmosphere which have different temperature and density around us. It constantly bends, when the light of a star passes through these different layers. Then the image of the star gets distorted consistently in brightness and sharpness which makes the star twinkle. This is the reason for the success of Hubble telescope in space when there was no atmosphere to make the stars twinkle and to allow a better image to be obtained.

Planets don’t twinkle as stars do. In fact, a good way is there to figure out whether a particular object in the sky is a plant or sky. Stars are too far away from us, they are important points of light on the sky, while planet has actually finite size. The big size of the planet averages out the turbulent effects of the atmosphere which presents a relatively stable image to us.

Now that you know the reason of twinkling stars, you can easily answer this question to everyone who has asked to you.

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