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Four Ways to Start Your Cool Hobby of Collection

Team StoryWeavers|October 9, 2019|

Do you know what’s so special about having a hobby? It’s a great way to pick up new skills, ignite your learning spirit, and learn something new. To encourage you to keep the learning spirit on, we have introduced the series ‘One Hobby A Month’ (we hope you have picked some or all of them as your hobby).

This month, let’s explore the hobby of collecting. It can be collecting old coins, vintage comics, stickers, car models, or postage stamps.

Today, on the occasion of World Post Day, let’s begin with the hobby of collecting stamps.

Do you know who is a philatelist? Why are stamps necessary to post a letter? How did the first post office come into existence? Or why are all the post boxes painted red?

Walking miles for a mail

Today, we can send mail to our friends with just the click of a button. But a few hundred years ago, people waited for weeks to receive letters from their family or friends. A letter travelled via different places before reaching its receiver. A surprise letter once in a while was a moment of sheer joy.

Over the years, the concept of sending and receiving letters has evolved. The number of post boxes (also called letterboxes or mailboxes) increased, many postmasters were assigned for each community, and postage stamps were introduced. Over time, stamp collection became a part of the hobby of collection of vintage items like typewriters, gramophones, and coins. 

Stamp collection is one of the most popular hobbies enjoyed by many. People who collect stamps are called philatelists. For children, stamp collecting is both fun and educational as they get to learn about the rich history behind those stamps. 

If you already have your stamp collection, here are a few more ideas you can try out. 

Coin collection is another interesting hobby. Each coin has a story and it represents a country’s history and culture. There are many ways one can collect coins. It can be according to the coin’s shape, dates, or country. If you are passionate about collecting and studying coins, we have a super cool name for you – numismatician!

Are you a DC Comics fan or a Marvel fan? Do you have the entire Tinkle Digest? Well, it’s time to get your hands on this interesting hobby. The comic collection is one of the most popular hobbies. People collect comics for several reasons – either they are fans of certain action heroes, enjoy reading comics or just like the mere challenge of completing a series. People who collect comics are called pannapictagraphists.

Imagine walking into a garden and being able to identify every plant? This hobby can help you become a plant genius. You can start off by maintaining a leaf journal where you collect and paste leaves of different plants and trees and name them. You can also share knowledge and exchange journals with your fellow plant genius friends.

The hobby of collecting can be anything, as long as you enjoy that hobby and learn something out of it. Who knows, maybe you can even flaunt your super cool skills in front of your friends. 

We would love to hear about your collection series and what got you interested in that hobby. 

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