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Tips to Ace Revision Just Before Exams

Team StoryWeavers|February 28, 2019|

It’s that time of the year when students spend more time with books than at play or with friends. Exam season is back. While some students have their game plan on and are well-prepared to face the examinations, others are nervous, finishing their last-minute revisions. It’s important to ensure that the last minute efforts are well-placed and strategic, rather than a desperate flutter to fly.

Every student is likely to have their own plans and strategies carved out through the academic year. Considering the pea-sized chunk of time left for the final examinations, it’s not justified to burden you with an article on exam preparation tips the size of your textbook. Instead, we’ve come up with the best revision techniques for you with a hope it would help you revise better.

Solve Previous Years Question Papers: Somebody once said: “Practice makes a man perfect.” This applies to all aspects of life, including exam preparations. Make it a point to solve at least three previous years question papers and time them. This is important as you get closer to the exams.

Make a Revision Timetable: Creating a revision timetable is crucial for exam preparation. You can use BYJU’S study plan. Allot time in the day to revise what you have studied, preferably early mornings. There’s enough evidence on the internet suggesting that students’ brains are the sharpest in the morning after a good night’s sleep. If you’re not a morning person, don’t fret, you can fix a time in the day to revise. When you do this daily, your brain gets used to the time and is ready for revision.

Find Your ‘Space’ to Revise: This is self-explanatory. You need to find a quiet place to revise-it may be your room, a dorm, a classroom or a library-for you need a place where you’re not distracted. It’s obvious that you cannot revise in a coffee shop, or while watching TV. Some instrumental music would be good as its soothing and aids in revising.

Make Study Notes: If there’s one revision technique that has worked time and again, it’s the summary notes. By just reading a lesson, you wouldn’t be able to remember all that you have read. So, it’s advisable to note down the key points from the lesson. This makes revision easier as you don’t have to go back to your textbooks just before the exams.

Reward Yourself: As a student, you may find it difficult to study for long duration. In such situations, what you could do is reward yourself. For instance, tell yourself that you will study for the next 15 minutes and relax for five minutes. When you do this, your brain focuses on the reward. And, it knows that only when you work hard for 15 minutes; you get the five-minute break. By doing this, you can also avoid another major vice-procrastination.

Now, that we have given you five smart revision techniques, it’s time for you to put them into use. Let’s know below in the comments how they helped you in exam preparations

All the best for your exams !! 

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