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Travelling Resolutions To Make And Follow – World Tourism Day

Team StoryWeavers|September 27, 2018| 1

Are you a responsible tourist?Β What makes a responsible tourist and why is it so important?

With festival and winter vacations on the way, we gear up to embark on new journeys to different parts of our country and the world.Β This World Tourism Day we want you to remember to enjoy your vacations, and be mindful of your actions in new places too!

Don’t turn paradise into plastic-land : A sparkling lake, the lush greenery of mountains, a forest with animals big and small, a beach with a stunning sunset, scuba diving and swimming with different types of fish – Imagine all these beautiful sights ruined due to plastic pollution and waste dumped without a second though! Most tourist hubs have dustbins, look for the nearest dustbins and throw your waste there, if not carry an extra bag with you for all your garbage and throw it once back at base. It always helps in keeping our favourite tourist spots beautiful and thriving.

Learn before you board : When travelling to different states in India or to different countries, knowing about the culture and lifestyle of the place not only saves you from passing embarrassing comments, but you will also not offend the locals. Read up about the culture, heritage and history of the place. Not only does it make you more knowledgeable, but it also adds value to your trip.

Explore Local : Talking to locals, buying souvenirs from small locals shops etc. these are some ways in which you can help learn more and help the hardworking locals financially. A trip is not an experience if you have not tried what makes the place special – which is the local cuisine, visiting places hidden from the usual tourist eye, trying out attires etc. Not only will this help you learn more about the local life, but also give you an amazing story to tell back home.

Appreciate and don’t judge : While exploring new cities you might come across things that surprise you, instead of judging the habits, living styles etc. appreciate the diversity. If you disapprove of something, never say it out loud as you might offend people around. Being polite and helpful always helps make your journey a smooth one.

Be flexible and try out everything : Trying out new dishes, learning the local language, travelling by public transport etc. are just a few things that will make your journey an adventure.

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