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Why Volunteering Is a Great Hobby for You?

Team StoryWeavers|December 7, 2019|

“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.”

                                                                                                 -Oscar Wilde

You must have seen on TV how people are in distress after a tragic earthquake or a devastating flood. Perhaps, you have visited an animal shelter and wished to provide those pets a home. Or you have looked for ways to help the homeless whom you walk past every day on your way to school.

As a child, how can you help these folks? 

The answer is – volunteer!

As we draw closer to another wonderful year of learning, let’s understand the noble hobby of volunteering.

There are many ways you could volunteer, and it can begin as a hobby. In fact, many students take up volunteering as part of their internships or vacation jobs. You can always start your hobby of volunteering at the comforts of your home.

Wondering how?

Here are four ways you can volunteer at your own home.

If you have a lot of toys, clothes, books, and craft items, you can always give them to children who are in need. Ensure that they are in good shape before you give them away.

How often do you help your mom in the kitchen or your dad in buying groceries? It would be great if you could help them with their daily chores. You can take up a specific job at home like running errands, helping your dad in cleaning his car, or reading aloud the newspaper to your grandparents. Make it a point to do the tasks you have taken up sincerely (without asking for any treats in return).

You can use your superpower of literacy to help your younger siblings, your friends, or even your maid’s children with their studies. You can also come up with your own mini Sunday school, where you can teach impoverished children in your neighborhood basic English and Math. 

You can also volunteer to help keep your neighborhood and school clean. Get information about various cleanup programs in your area or team up with your schoolmates and dedicate a day to clean the school campus.

While these are some volunteering activities that you can start off with, below are a couple of activities on a large scale, that you can be part of as a volunteer.

Instead of throwing a big birthday to your friends, this time, visit an old age home or an orphanage and celebrate your birthday with them. You can prepare a theme for this, come up with fun game activities or even share your food with them.

Are you a pet lover? Did you know that you could help rescue animals no matter how old you are? Dedicate some time and volunteer at the local rescue centers where hundreds of rescued puppies, kittens, and bunnies are waiting for you to find them new homes.

For this, you need to gather a few friends and host a charity show in your neighborhood. You can put up pop-up stalls, conduct dance shows, or even sell some of your DIY craftworks. This is a great way to raise funds for your local NGOs or even buy clothes and food for homeless people.

So these are some of the ways you can volunteer to help people in need. Does this article inspire you to become a volunteer? Are you already a part of any such organization? Do tell us in the comments below.

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