Things You Must Know About Board Exams

The board exam is just around the corner, and the student must be busy in their preparations. But there are some rules and regulations which are very important along with the subject preparation. The examination has a significant role in our lives, it assess our knowledge and help us to know our status in studies. Above all, it teaches us many good traits like punctuality, time management, the power of toleration and perseverance. Hence, we should know the rules and regulations to write the CBSE Board exams.
Any University or any Board has their set of rules and regulations. But there are some rules which are followed worldwide and common to all kind of exams including board exam. Here are some of them:

Admission Ticket: Candidates should bring their Acknowledgement letter to the exam. It’s not less than a ticket to admission in the exam hall. The supervisor has the authority to ban candidate with improper identification from writing. The candidate will not be allowed to write. Anyone unable to meet these requirements will not be permitted


Exam Room Opens: The exam room opens at least 30 min before the start of the exam to allow for check-in procedures. No one will be allowed to leave the exam room for a minimum of two hours, or the duration of the exam. Even if the candidate has completed writing and wants to leave, the invigilator cannot issue the permission to leave before two hours to the start of the examination.

Electronics: All the electronic devices (including cell phones) are prohibited. All the cell phones must be turned off and stored away during the exam.

Sign your Sheets: Candidates must sign their multiple-choice answer sheets. Candidates who fail to do so will have their exams disqualified, and their answer sheets will not be considered for evaluation.

Special instructions for Multiple-Choice Exams: All the answers to multiple-choice questions must be marked on the separate answer sheet during the allotted time. The supervisor will announce when 15 mins are left for the exam time to expire.

It is the candidate’s responsibility to complete the answer sheet within the proper exam time, regardless of whether or not the supervisor makes the time remaining announcement. No additional time will be allowed for coding your answers after time has been called. If a candidate codes any answers before or after time is called, the exam will be disqualified.

Special instructions for Written-Answers Exams: The candidate number has to be written clearly and legibly on all answer sheets. Candidates are not permitted to write their number on the written answer sheet before being told to begin work or after time has expired. Be sure to write the question number that is being worked on and your candidate number on each answer sheet.

Activities requiring disciplinary action: Any kind of activity involving suspect to malpractice will be offensive. They can be moving back, seeking for any assistance, hand movements or peeping. The Supervisor has the right to send immediately out of the examination hall if noticed. The Candidate can ask for water to the concerned person or request for any kind of official doubt.

These were some of the most important rules and regulations regarding the Board examination to let you know the things you need to know before you enter the exam hall. To learn more join

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