What Is The Best All Day Timetable For Class 9th & 10th Students?


9th and 10th are paramount years of school for students as they face board examinations for the first time which is the first step towards shaping one’s career. A lot depends on the interests students develop during this period, their study schedule, etc. Students planning on studying Science later on in 12th especially need to focus on Math and Science as the basics that are taught now are merely stepping stones towards the bigger goals that they have to achieve.

Having a common purpose in the form of timetable helps a lot as planning is the key to success.

1.      Try waking up 1 hour before you usually get up to get ready for school.
2.      Revise the lessons that were taught in school the day before.
3.      Get ready and go to School.
4.      After coming back from School, rest for 1/1.5 hours.
5.      Study for 2 hours, Solve Math Problems and Physics Numerical.
6.      Take a break for an hour. Gym/Play or do something that refreshes your mind.
7.      Read subjects that need memorizing like History, Geography, etc. Make sticky notes of things that are difficult to remember.
8.      Take a break for half an hour; try to visualize everything you studied for the past 2 hours. Go through everything you couldn’t remember.
9.      Before going to bed go through other subjects that were taught in class. Do not study past 11:30 P.M

A lot of students think that waking up in the morning is a rather difficult job. The importance of waking up early cannot be stressed enough.

“Lose an hour in the morning, and you will be all day hunting for it.”

Formulas, Reactions, and laws that you keep forgetting should be revised in the morning without a fail.

The timetable is to be followed strictly for at least 4 to 5 days in a week. Apart from studying from textbooks, you need to explore the subjects to develop interest. You could go on Youtube and look at practical applications of the laws being taught to you, watch History and Discovery channels,etc.  Only genuine interest can help you study for long hours without getting distracted.

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