Six Types of Learners

Did you know there are six varied types of scholars? Defining which type of scholar you are can considerably boost your odds of performing well when it comes to examination time. Acquainting oneself with their own best techniques for studying is critical for remembering information in a specific subject.

Underneath are six brief explanations on the sixsorts of scholars there are, which one are you? 

  1. Accelerated Learner

This type of learner is characteristically a ‘reader’. You simply need validation and fine-tuning of the skill sets you have long been taking for granted. Nonetheless, these abilities are irreplaceable when it comes to standardized examinations. 

  1. Hands-on Learner

These types of learners rank second on our list. Yourequiresome basic groundworkwhen it comes to skills. You have need of some rudimentary skill building enhancements, predominantly in the areas of critical reading andproblem solving. You are also prone to have need of a relaxed pace and more hands on delivery when it comes to directions. 

  1. Overachiever Learner

These types of scholars aregenerally good rote learners meaning your capability to commit something to memory is sturdy.  You get decent grades but are usually a weak exam taker. You can be overwhelmed by standardized exams and occasionally fail to comprehend the dissimilarity between test scores andgrades. You must be introduced to the essential skills that will provide you the self-confidence to get the marks more reflective of your skill level. 

  1. Sound Learner

This type consists ofscholars who do well in school. Characteristically,they not only study hard but also know when it’s time for a break. They are serious, motivated about what and where they want to study and they regularly get solid scores. Sound learners go the extra mile,that gives them the edgeand they are not only consciousof the positives of taking a prep course, but also the impact such a course would create in their college opportunities. 

  1. Unmotivated Learner

This type of learner sincerely wants to do well but habitually feels unchallenged and/ordispassionate by the whole education process. Though, you will swiftlydiscover that this is a technique whereby you can attain success. In the extended term, you will feel proud as you learn to successfully applystrategies that will transform your mindset. In this method Byju’s – The Learning App can help you with making the most out of capabilities and will lead to greaterexam scores and agrander satisfaction. 

  1. Maverick Learner

This type is the scholar who frequentlyoccupies two or more of the groupings above. You have embraced the ‘my way or the highway’ slogan and favor to plan your own study route. Only if you are in the ‘best’ studying environment to enable this method of learning, i.e. where you sense you have the support of your educator, the ‘maverick’ in you will shine.

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