5 Tricks To Crack NEET Phase-II 2016 in One Month

All those who aspire to become doctors, you are just 1 step away from reaching your dream. As per the notification from the Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi (CBSE) on National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) Phase – II has been scheduled to lead on July 24th 2016. If you have already given NEET Phase – I (AIPMT), you can still appear for NEET Phase – II. If you have failed to apply for NEET Phase – I, you can now take up NEET Phase – II commencing on the 24th of next month. Having said that, yes, the students who have appeared for NEET Phase – I already would have a better level of preparation than students who are appearing for the first time. But, don’t lose heart, as you have 1 full month in hand to prepare for NEET Phase – II. How? Let’s see!

5 Tricks to Crack NEET Phase – II in One Month

  1. Go through NEET Phase – I Question Paper:

As NEET Phase – I exam is over, you can go through the question papers to get an idea of how NEET question papers are set. Getting familiar with the question paper will make you more comfortable and fearless when you appear for NEET Phase – II. You can do this along with solving previous year’s AIPMT question papers.

  1. Concentrate only on NEET (AIPMT) Syllabus:

Though NEET is based on the CBSE syllabus, it has a few extra topics that you need to learn. Therefore, having just 1 month in hand, you should focus on those extra topics as you would have already gone through the CBSE portions while studying for your boards.

  1. Prepare a Fast Track Revision Plan:

Make a comprehensive revision plan for yourself so you can brush up all the topics that you are not too confident of. Remember that your revision should be quick and should cover all the important chapters at the same time. During this, revise the topics that you studied for boards along with the NEET portions.

  1. Focus on Problem Solving Techniques:

As you have less time, you need to strike your focus on problem solving techniques that will help you get the answers within seconds. For example: Take a look at this video that solves a question from Physics related to Motion in Two Dimensions in the best way.

Learning alternative problem solving technique is imperative at this moment as it will help you solve the NEET Phase – II questions faster.

  1. Take Help of Technology:

As you are left with just one month for the exam, it is important to identify the style of learning that suits you and start learning. Take help of technology to learn your lessons effectively with visuals and simple examples taught by the best teachers. Check out how learning the names of different. Gymnosperms can be fun. Yes! It can be, if you visualize this video. This also helps you learn faster and remember it forever.

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