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Determination & Discipline, along with BYJU’S helped me clinch success! – Suranjan Saha

Team StoryWeavers|December 7, 2018|

16 year old Suranjan Saha, a 96% scorer in 10th board exams, 2018, points out that it is not necessary to sit for hours at a stretch for best results. Rather, one should take mini breaks in order to retain the same concentration level and study effectively. Team StoryWeavers had a chance catch up with the future computer programmer who is currently preparing for JEE Advance.

Residing in Durgapur, West Bengal with his parents, Suranjan is a huge fan of Cristiano Ronaldo and loves to play football. He has taken his passion further and also represented his school in several competitions.

“I have grown up watching football matches with my father and have always been fond of this sport. It has taught me how to stay focused and be determined in life. I use those tactics while studying and I have seen myself improve a lot. I always ensure that I squeeze in some time and play football with my friends even with my busy school schedule.”

Apart from football, Suranjan is also a debater, singer and a theater artist at school. While he keeps himself engaged in many extra curricular activities, he ensures that he dedicates quality time to his studies every day to stay up to date in school.

His study strategy

Suranjan’s secret behind performing well in any exam is through rigorous preparation from Day One along with frequent revisions. He goes by the motto ‘Hard work is the only ladder to success’ and strictly incorporates that in his study schedules.

“I believe in understanding concepts instead of just mugging them up for exams. Hence, when I sit to study, I give my 100% to understand each concept by breaking it down into subtopics. BYJU’S Learning App has helped me strengthen my concepts. The video lessons are simple and easy to follow and explain concepts in great detail. I have never felt the need to refer to any other sources since I’ve started using the BYJU’S App.”

Board Exam Preps and Challenges

The most common challenge students face when it comes to exams is merely the fear of it. Therefore, the first hurdle is to overcome that fear by preparing strategically and well in advance.

Talking about overcoming his exam-phobia, Suranjan says,

“I was never amongst the top five until 9th grade final exams. In fact, I struggled to get around 70-80 marks in Math and that worried me a lot for the upcoming board exams. For me, group classes were not the solution as they could never solve doubts individually. Instead, I was looking for a proper one-on-one guidance where I could logically understand the application of theorems and the concepts behind them. Thankfully, a friend of mine introduced me to BYJU’S which provided me with personalised guidance and helped me learn at my own pace”

Suranjan went on to score 96 in Math and 90 in Science in his 10th boards and got a perfect 96% overall.

Tips from the Topper

Here are six valuable tips that helped Suranjan score well in exams:

  1. Make a timetable and divide the subjects accordingly. The first step to prepare for any exam is to have a suitable routine in place.
  2. Prepare for your exams well in advance. It helps in build focus and stay confident.
  3. Most importantly, always try to understand the concepts and logic behind every topic as it helps to remember better. Suranjan took help of the BYJU’S video lessons while understanding tough Math theorems and Science concepts.
  4. Start with subjects you struggle with more than others and then move on to the ones you find easy, as understanding tough topics requires a fresh mind.
  5. Practice is the ultimate key to ace in exams. Hence, ensure you solve as many mock papers & previous years’ board papers as possible.
  6. And at last, do not compromise on your health and personal life. Keep plenty of time for other activities and hobbies.

We wish Suranjan all the best for his future and a big thank you to his mentor Upasona Konar for constantly encouraging him reach his goals 🙂

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