The Change In The Trends of Education

trends of education

The education system has seen a major shift with the advent of technology. The ancient system of gurukuls had given way to schools, and with the latest in technology, blackboards are being replaced by white screens. While these changes are apparent in the infrastructure, the bigger changes are seen with the launch of various e-learning apps. 

Some best e-learning apps have changed the face of education with features like

Learn Remotely

Students now have a chance to learn anytime and anywhere. Access to quality education is available through a smartphone or a tablet that is connected to the internet. This feature has made education a possibility for students hailing from smaller cities or towns. It broadens the scope of their learning and gives them a chance to interact with teachers across the globe with a tap on the smartphone or tablet.

Limitless Quality Content

The best free educational apps provide the learners with access to quality content that is comprehensive and also suggests other related reading materials. The learners now aren’t entirely dependent on the instructor for acquiring knowledge and gaining information about a concept or subject. 


Now,  various apps for education use elements of games to make the learning content more engaging and interactive for the students. The learners will be given points or virtual badges for clearing the different levels of the modules and will be assessed and quizzed in a gamified manner. This aspect has drawn many students to the world of online learning as it breaks the monotony of a purely instructor-led classroom session. 

Active Learning

The new-age technology in education has put the onus of learning on the learner. Learning is no longer dependent on the instructor. Students can actively decide what they want to pursue and develop their skills or knowledge bank. The plethora of options to choose from is what makes them more eager to explore and take what they need.

Teaching to facilitating

The role of the teachers has also evolved. They are now mentors, instructional designers, and facilitators of learning for the students. The days of reading out notes have changed to active discussions and debates where the students bring their ideas, thoughts to the table, and everyone learns through a collaborative effort. 

Visual Learning

Some of the best e-learning apps have a treasure of videos that garner the attention of the learners through eye-catching images or animations. These visual aids break complex concepts into simple visuals or explanations that make understanding the concept a cakewalk. For example, an explanation about sound waves can be shown through a video using a slinky. 

Theory to Practice

The major change in the stream of education is seen when the theory is taught in a manner that can be applied by the learner. The explanations are often presented in a way that the learner can identify and relate with it. This significantly makes understanding the concept or a subject easier. For example, photosynthesis is explained around real plants, and an animated video helps the learner see the process in action.  

One to one Learning

The ratio of one-to-many has been altered to one-to-one with the introduction of e-learning apps. Learners are experiencing personalization like never before. Each student’s learning journey is crafted and made basis the progress, areas of improvement, and real-time feedback. The aspect of personalized learning eliminates the hiccups that come with a group or traditional classroom learning. Students are more engaged, and the immediate qualitative feedback enables them to address the roadblocks and thrive. 

The changes in education will persist, and the system will adapt and alter as per the changing technology. Learners have more opportunities to visualize, interact, and learn through e-learning apps that are exclusive and personalized to their learning graphs. The education system will thrive as students ‘keep learning’. 

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