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#BYJUitesWhoGive #BYJUSGive #LifeAtBYJUS | Chapter 2 with Manswi

Team StoryWeavers|March 17, 2021|

BYJUS-Give_Chapter-2_Manswi Garg

Growing up I’d accompany my mother, a government school teacher, to her classrooms. I  absolutely loved spending time with students there while getting to know them better. I remember them being so curious, strong-willed, and determined to make a good life for themselves. Sadly, a majority of them came from economically disadvantaged backgrounds and found it hard to continue with their education. I cannot begin to imagine what their plight might be like during the pandemic. With schools shut and their lack of access to online learning, how many of them must have dropped out of school never to look back? 

When I first heard of BYJU’S ‘Give’ and its aim of giving children in need free access to quality education, I was excited and inspired to give away my old, spare phone and make a difference! After all, that’s all it took to help a child learn. 

I was reminded of my childhood days where I interacted with my not-so-better-off peers and felt helpless when I was unable to do much for them then. So I was quick to make a donation to do my bit. I also urge my fellow BYJUites to Give away their old devices and help a child learn. Follow the link to know more:

Manswi Garg is a Recruitment Manager who donated her old smartphone towards BYJU’S Give to help a child without access to online learning receive an education. 

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