Visual Math Improves Math Performance

Visual Math Intro

Tutors of mathematics have been using visual aids to motivate their students for learning math since decades ago. Let us take an example of how we at Byju’s teach math in entirely in an animated visual mode that has been received well by students across the country. Everyone is aware of the fact that it is quiet difficult to make children to study math if they seem disinterested in the subject. To make things difficult, the general perception is that math is a boring subject which is not true.  At Byju’s, the major focus would be to provide a strong foundation in the subject to children that major problems in Math would seem like a cakewalk to them. Using technology, the animated videos would expose the visual side of math in a colorful manner that appeals to the student as they have a liking for videos that are animation oriented. This would transform the fear of math to excitement to learn the subject.

Another notable aspect regarding learning math is that, most of the top experts in this domain are Visual Learners.

For instance, most of the renowned mathematicians of our generation rely on visual mode while working on the subject at the higher levels. This negates the common perception that visual math is just for learners of the subject at the beginner level. Students those who are at the advanced level of learning math pick up an idea that learning math visually would help in understanding basic concepts and not for math at the higher levels. This misconception has led to less liking for visual math and it being neglected to a considerable extent.

For our information, visual math is an important area in field of mathematics and has its own place of its own and recent brain research has shown that visual math would be immensely helpful for students while learning numerical math.

Recent studies have found that learning at its best happens when we engage different parts of our brain. This implies that whenever students uses symbols in place of numbers, they were making use of a different section in their brain unrelated to those sections used for recognizing visual information like squares, cubes etc. The major finding from the research was that students could improve their math performance drastically including numerical math if they are been taught the subject visually.

What exactly is Visual Math?

There are different mathematical activities or tasks those would be carried out using visual math and it has been proven from our experience that people from different walks of life enjoy learning math if they see mathematical concepts as pictures instead of the conventional symbols. Let us take an example of how we would solve 18 x 5 and see as to how that could be done using the visual method.

Visual Math

The visual images provided above shows the inner workings of the problem thereby helps in ease of understanding topics like multiplication in a much more creative manner. Pictures aid the students in seeing the mathematical concepts in action which in turn boosts our understanding. Since children are more receptive to visual and audio aids including animation, the learning styles should be tailored in such a way that these things are taken into account. The interactive video lessons provided by Byju’s the learning app would be helpful to keep the concepts learned in our mind for longer periods.  Visual mathematics would promote thinking at higher levels, would help teaching concepts at ease and would change the perception about math from being boring to a really creative subject.

Mathematics as we all know is a subject that would provide us with precise answer and when we combine this subject with creativity, transparency, imagination and flexibility, it would turn into mathematics in action.

Tutors could fill the students with excitement to learn math in the visual way by asking them to figure out various ways they could see and approach problems by brainstorming that would bring all sorts of ideas into the table and then picking the right ones.

From the above discussion, you might have realized as to how important visual math is to the aspiring math student and students who find the subject difficult. Visual math would be the trend in the coming days as people are slowly realizing its importance and it would replace conventional math in the near future.

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