10 Longest City Names Ever in the World

June 25,2023

By Sonakshi Kandhari

A city makes it to the bucket list of aspiring travellers because of its tourist attractions, its culture and sometimes even its intriguing name. Yes, indeed, there are a few city names that you would have never heard of, and a few others are hard to pronounce because of their long names. In this webstory, let's learn about 10 cities that have tongue-tying names.

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This 22-letter word is a Gaelic word that, when translated to English, means a ‘pig-shaped hill between two seas’. Spread across 503 acres, this town is located in County Galway, Ireland. This town is perched on a peninsula at the rear end of Camus Bay. It was considered the longest name that a town has in Ireland, but later, longer ones were discovered.

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This Mexican village was founded in the year 1943, and its other name is ‘Nuevo San Juan Parangaricutiro’. If you happen to visit this village, a visit to the Paricutin volcano is in order. Findings suggest that the present version of this village was recreated after its older version was wiped away by the same volcano.

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It is sometimes simply called Northern Iceland. One of its tourist attractions is the  lighthouse. It fascinates tourists because it has played an important role in rescuing lives. It is even home to a large farmland called Svalbarðsstrðnd, which has a church that has been in existence since 1957,replacing an earlier existing church that was converted into a museum church.

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Have you always wished to visit a random place? This would be a good option. Founded in the 1790s along the Kazan Highway, this is a rural locality in the Matveevsky District, Volga Federal District of Russia. Not much is known about this place aside from the fact that it has been in existence since the Bronze Age and throughout the Middle Ages too.

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IPrettily perched alongside the Angelica River, this village is the administrative centre for a rural settlement called  Staronizhestebliyevskaya. Located in Russia and founded in 1815, this village enjoys clear summers and long snowy winters. It's been home to many military heroes who have made a mark in history.

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Located in the Netherlands, it is a hamlet in the Dutch province of Drenthe. This quiet town has a double-digit population. Just 21 kilometres East of Assen, it is a part of the Ae en Hunze municipality.

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The region is located in the Savukoski area of Lapland, in Finland. It is a very isolated location where there are more reindeer than people. The owner of a pub had to change the name of his pub twice because the names were already in use hence he named the pub after this place and called it  Äteritsi-baari.

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TIt is a uniquely named farm in the North Western Province of South Africa. In Afrikaans, it means ‘the spring where two buffaloes were shot stone-dead with one shot’. The famous spots in the area include a farmhouse and a ranch.

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This is a Welsh phrase that, when translated, means ‘Saint Mary’s Church in a hollow of white hazel near the swimming whirlpool of the Church of Saint Tysilio with a red cave’. With 58 letters, it is the world’s second-largest place name. As per evidence, this village is said to have been in existence since the Neolithic Age.

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Atop a hill in New Zealand, this place has the world’s longest name ever, with 85 letters. It's named after a local legend. The name is a Mäori expression that, when translated, implies ‘ ‘the place where Tamatea, the man with big knees who slid, climbed, and swallowed mountains known as land e eaters,played his flute to his loved ones’. It gained popularity for its long name.

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