7 Startling Facts About Quantum Computing

September 07, 2023

By Sonakshi Kandhari

The groundbreaking inventions that one can achieve with quantum computing as opposed to a classic computer are impossible to fathom. Keep reading to discover 7 startling facts about this multidisciplinary science.

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It's an Energy-Saving Powerhouse

Because they function with quantum tunnelling, the power that they use is reduced by factors ranging from 100 to 1000.

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An Altogether Different Memory-Saving Mechanism

Unlike the binary system of a regular computer, a quantum computer stores either ‘0’, ‘1’ or a superposition of both states. These values are called qubits.

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Works at Lightning Fast Speed

Because of its unique memory-saving mechanism, it generates four results instead of one when it's in a state of superposition. Being able to execute multiple tasks gives it quantum parallelism.

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Solves Problems Effectively

A quantum computer finds an alternate approach to tackling problems with the help of algorithms that use quantum. Even the turnaround time is surprisingly fast.

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It Functions at a Surprisingly Cool Temperature

The atoms need to be stable for a quantum computer to work, and in order to achieve that, the temperature should be reduced to 0 kelvin.

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It's The Face-Changer For AI

Artificial intelligence is already revolutionising the world. Quantum machines have the ability to speed up machine learning operations and reduce their turnaround time to seconds.

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It has a Programming Language of its Own

In 2020, researchers developed a programming language called Sliq. With this language, it's possible to tap into the full potential of quantum computers. It is quicker and easier for programmers to understand this language.

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